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When it comes to cost per 1,000 impressions, Facebook ads by and large are the best investment you could hope for.  Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to get your name out there, but just because they don’t cost a lot doesn’t mean you should squander them.  But how can you optimize your ads? How I see it there are three keys to creating a great Facebook ad.

Striking Visual

Draw in their gaze.  If your image doesn’t cause them to look away from the funny meme, cat video, political rant, etc. then it will never be successful.  Studies have shown that pictures of smiling, young to middle-aged women who are looking directly at the camera have the best conversion rates.  Other types of images that have proven to be effective are pictures of food, children, or animals.  Determine which type of picture would align best with your brand’s image and culture and conduct A/B testing to find the best photo.

Precise Targeting

Facebook ads

You’re paying money for your ads, don’t waste it.  Facebook gives you the ability to be as broad or as specific as your heart (and wallet) desires.  I fear that some companies have disregarded traditional marketing practices when it comes to online advertising.  You still need to understand your target market and how you can best reach them.  Some aspects of marketing will never change.

As is consistent with all forms of advertisements, the broader your scope the more money you will pay.  Not everyone will be interested in your products or services so don’t throw your money away by targeting as many people as possible.  Do certain age groups use your product or service more than others?  Do your customers have similar interests and hobbies?  Facebook allows you to include these factors and more in your scope.

Engaging Content

Now that you know your target audience, write what would interest them.  Companies are getting better at this, but I still see far too many generic ads that do nothing to entice me to click on them.  Even if they’ve incorporated a great image and I’m in their target market, if the text is bland I won’t give it a second thought.  I have better things to do than to try and decipher a Facebook ad and decide if I care.  Highlighting product benefits or offering discounts are great ways to get people to click to learn more.

There are many blog posts and articles written on this subject and similar subjects.  For another great article on Facebook ads read Making Money from Facebook Ads.  If this still sounds too daunting, here at Big Leap we offer social media services including Facebook ad management and we’d be more than happy to help your company out!  If you’re interested feel free to review the results we’ve achieved with some of our former clients, including Packsize. What are some tricks of the trade you’ve discovered for optimizing Facebook ads?


By Cameron Dunn

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director