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lower AdWords costsThe fastest and most surefire way to drive traffic to your website is through paid search results – Google Adwords. However, this form of traffic can end up being fairly expensive; especially if you are a smaller company with a limited advertising budget. All is not lost though, you can keep Google AdWord Cost-Per-Click down by raising your AdWord Quality Score. Google assigns every keyword in your campaign a quality score based upon a few factors. This combined score then will dictate your cost. If you have a higher score (meaning Google thinks you results are relevant) then your bids for first page placement will be lower. If you have a low score you’ll either not make first page or have to pay a lot more for it. I’ll give you a quick breakdown on some of the factors Google considers.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – One of the most important factors in Google’s determination of what your Quality Score is, is your CTR. They look at what the rate is for similar keywords in that category as well as your accounts historical CTR. In this way you are benefited by having a longer running account as well as having historically well chosen keywords.

Landing Page Quality – The score is also influenced by how well optimized your ad’s landing page is. If the page has all the appropriate page elements (Title tags, Heading tags, etc…) and is relevant to the ad’s keyword your score will get a bump.

Keyword Relevance – This one is kind of recursive to the previous item. Again you just have to make sure that the keywords are relevant to the information on the referring landing page. So you want to make sure that you engage in good PPC Campaign Management in choosing your keywords.

For more information on how to keep Google AdWord Cost-Per-Click down by controlling your Quality Score just head on over to the source, Google AdWord Help

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director