Jumo: Improved Social Marketing for Non-Profits

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If you’re a non-profit company or charity working to better the state of the planet, you probably cried as Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes took the stage at the Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit to announce the advent of Jumo, a social networking platform currently in development designed especially for Non-Profit and humanitarian causes.

Now, it came from one of the guys behind Facebook, so you know it has to be good, but what will it mean for these organizations? Well, marketing yourself online just became a lot easier. SEO and Social Media services will now be even more available to you, and you’ll find a way to connect with and form relationships with real people who will then be moved to assist your organization.

What more could you ask for?

Jumo was inspired by the horrific destruction following the earthquake in Haiti this January. Even after the tremors stopped, people continues to die and suffer because of their poverty and extreme circumstances. But in the midst of this turmoil, $1.3 billion was generated from American citizens (not including government aid) to aid Haiti. $31 million was generated by simple “text something to this number to donate $10” programs.

Clearly people want to give. Jumo gives them a way to know who they’re giving to.

So if you happen to be a Non-Profit organization, wait till the end of the year and you’ll be able to add Jumo to your social media marketing services.

Folks, Chris Hughes (Video is about 20 minutes).

Watch live streaming video from mashable at livestream.com

The Find, Follow, and Support system described in the video is what makes this a valuable tool for Non-Profits and related organizations to market themselves. Most every SEO company now also features Social Media optimization as well, helping you to connect with individuals through Facebook and Twitter at the very least.

Jumo will be added to this list, but it will be more helpful because only people who are interested in helping will really visit the site, so each user has a good chance of being a volunteer for your organization if you can grab their attention through the nature of your cause and the content in your updates.

There is a danger in this approach though. It’s definitely trying to be a specialized Facebook, a social Media platform that only appeals to a certain crowd. Tons of these have come and gone without even making a real impact on their target niche online community.

Jumo has the publicity provided by Mashable’s coverage and Chris Hughes success and fame going for it, but will it be enough?

One thing is for sure though: if you’re a non-profit, put this on your radar. your organization might be about to get a lot more power to fight… whatever it is you’re fighting for.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director