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It’s no surprise that more and more people are switching to smart phones with the ever decreasing prices of data rates. In fact, a recent report shows that there are now 6 billion active cellphones,  most of which have internet access.

With the prices of internet at your home increasing, most plans equaling 40% of the average family salary, more and more people are cancelling their broadband contracts and switching to limited data plans on phones.

Mobile Marketing

Is your company reaching your clients through this growing form of media?

Recently I spent time in New York City at an advertising convention listening to Vice Presidents of LG, Xbox Live, Microsoft, and every other big brand everyone has heard of. What were they all talking about?  Making their site mobile friendly.

Customer Frustration

This blog usually focuses on SEO tips or the future of Facebook marketing, but what happens when someone uses their phone to search you on Google, or clicks on a link through Facebook?  Will they get frustrated because your site is hard to use on their iPhone, or will all the money you spend on ranking well and having a large social presence actually be worth it?

I hope you can say that it will be worth it, and if not, maybe this will enlighten you. Reports say that by 2014, most web traffic in the U.S. will be done on a mobile device. Will you be ready?

Stayed tuned when next week I teach you how to make your website more mobile friendly and as always, turn to Big Leap for all of your search engine optimization and social media needs.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director