Apple products cycle faster than Usain Bolt.Last summer during the Olympics, millions of people watched as Usain Bolt proved he was still the fastest man on the planet. Chances are that when you think of speed you’re thinking about Bolt or someone else like him and not how soon the next generation iPhone will arrive. It might be time to change that thought process.

Rumors have already begun to flow around the internet that the new iPhone 5S is being developed. This comes only a few months after iPhone 5 was released.

A similar rumor is circulating that Apple is already hard at work on the iPad Mini 2. Apple could very well be working on the sequel to a gadget that didn’t even exist 6 months ago.

Oh yeah, and the next iPad has already been announced as well.

How Fast Is Too Fast?

Let me be the first to say that I am not an Apple fanboy. My main computer at home is however a MacBook Pro. I also own 3 different iPods, but none of which are newer than my trusty 3rd Generation iPod Touch. I’ve had it with me for years and it’s never let me down.

Every time I’m tempted to upgrade to something newer or nicer I remind myself of this one simple fact: the old one isn’t broken yet. Any real motivation to finally get something new will only come when my old device either dies completely or Apple decides to completely stop supporting it.

To me this “something new every 6 months” product cycle seems like lightspeed. Judging by the iPhone 5 sales figures though, it would seem that my antiquated ways are in the minority.

All About The Benjamins

It makes sense that Apple would turn around its products so quickly. Every time they do a line forms around their stores for days with people eager to give them more cash.

Traffic at an Apple Store.Logic leads us to believe that this wouldn’t ever occur if the demand truly wasn’t there for new Apple products. Apple is able to churn out new products simply because its consumer base is increasingly willing to purchase them.

Apple has grown into such a Juggernaut that they can now forego most forms of traditional or online marketing. Their loyal followers will show up on launch day regardless of the product being sold.

It’s also interesting to see that each new generation of a device is fundamentally the same as its predecessor. Each new generation certainly computes faster than the one previous, but it still feels like each upgrade is being outpaced by its own life cycle.

What’s your take on the life cycle of Apple products? Does it move too fast or is it just right? What is the newest Apple product you own? Leave a comment below!

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photo credit: Christopher Chan via photopin cc

Scott Sundblom