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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Pinterest” is women. There are nearly 49 million users on Pinterest, with the majority of them being women. Back in 2012, 68 percent of Pinterest users were women, with 32 percent male users. This gap has gotten smaller, and continues to shrink, as more male users are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon.

Why Pinterest?

So you may be asking, “Why Pinterest? What does it offer me?” The answer is… it depends.


Pinterest is definitely not for everyone or every business. It is a way to show case pictures of products or services that your company may offer. If you don’t have a lot of products to sale, then you might want to skip over Pinterest. But, if you are a company that does have a lot of products, such as a retailer, you might want to consider Pinterest as a brilliant way to get your products seen.

Look at Google Analytics

Another way to determine if Pinterest is right for you is looking at your Google Analytics. As you check your Traffic Referral Section, you might find that Pinterest is already sending people your way. If that is the case, then you might want to consider creating an official account and getting on that bandwagon as well.

Assess your target market

Compared with other social media platforms, Pinterest has a fairly small amount of market share. According to certain statistics Pinterest occupies nearly 7 percent of all social media usage, and in other, it occupies around 2 percent. You might think these numbers are small, but as was stated earlier, nearly 49 million people are using Pinterest. For this very reason it is important for a company to assess their target market, see what they have to market, what methods they have and want to try, and see if Pinterest falls within that category. If it doesn’t, there are many other social media platforms to try, so don’t give up.

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Jamie Bates
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