Is Link Building a Good SEO Strategy?

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Link building is among some of the more hotly debated topics related to SEO nowadays. Why? Because it is proving to be more of a pain in the butt to webmasters than Peter Pan was to Captain Hook. Because of this, many SEO experts are wondering whether or not link building is still an effective strategy.

Well, is it?

Making a short answer shorter, it is a good idea. But only if done right. SEOers need to be increasingly creative and savvy in how they go about building links to avoid being penalized by search engines, the most strict of which is Google. The new Penguin and Panda updates have been ruthless in exposing and mauling websites that aren’t using approved search engine optimization techniques–the most common being low quality back links.

Now, to be fair to Google, it’s not like they have just let loose the Panda and Penguin (that’s one vicious penguin..) on unsuspecting website owners. They have been quite good at notifying webmasters, letting them know why their sites have been punished and how to go about fixing the problems. Once the problems are fixed, the websites generally return to their former rankings (although you can expect a steep dip until the issues have been resolved).

Is Link Building Still a Good SEO Strategy?

What is the Best Way to Build Links?

Despite Google’s efforts, the question still remains: How does one build links without being penalized?

Google is all about natural (looking) link building. Inbound links, for example, are a good way for them to determine whether or not your site is posting quality content. The logic behind this is simple: If people want to link to your site then it must mean you have worth while content.

Unnatural links include spam links that are left on blogs, forums, and directories as well as paid-for links. The wise webmaster will not accept paid link offers (i.e. 150 links for $15). Remember, Google is a business. And their business is bringing people the best quality results for their searches. If your link building is unnatural and therefore your poor quality website is ranking above high quality ones, Google will find a way to knock you down the rankings.

Google crawlers are very smart. They will determine whether or not the sites you are linking to are relevant to your website. They will look at all the different locations your links are coming from, and if you have links showing up on a regular basis from lots of random websites you will likely be red flagged and penalized.

Finding a Good SEO Company

The important thing to remember amidst the growing complications of link building is that link building is and will be an effective SEO strategy. The responsibility lies on the webmasters of the world to be creative and smart, not manipulative and lazy, about how they build links for their own websites or their clients’.

Leadgenix has always employed the whitest of white-hat SEO techniques. If you have questions or are looking to find a good SEO company, we guarantee we will do everything we can to help you achieve the results you want to see.


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Jamie Bates
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