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Many people have made up their minds whether or not they will ever use Social Media. They decide they don’t want to use social media because they may think it’s not for them, or they just don’t want to get involved. Although it is important to respect everyone’s decisions, let’s take a look at some of the social media sites and what they offer.


First, Facebook. Facebook is an awesome service in which we are allowed to connect with our friends and loved ones. We can be a little more personal and connect with those we are closest with.


Second, Twitter. On Twitter we can follow people we know, people we aspire to be, blogs, news, or whatever else we want constant updates about. A very common one at this point are Apple product accounts due to the release of the new iPhone.


Third, LinkedIn. If you are a business professional and you are not on LinkedIn you need to rethink your strategy. Even if you are not a business man/women, LinkedIn is a very valuable tool to get your name and resume out there to the professional worlds.


And fourth, Google+. Google+ is a site in which we can connect with the news that is happening around us. We are able to connect with people, whether that be personal or professional, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and

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personalize our accounts to show us what will most interest us. Of course there are many other Social media sites we can mention, but these are arguably the most popular out there.

Benefits of Google+

Google+ is not as personal as Facebook, as simple as Twitter, or as professional as LinkedIn, but it holds to be one of the most important Social Media sites for businesses trying to get their name out there. Google+ has many benefits that you will not find with any other social media platform. First, they are owned by Google, the number one search engine in the world. Simply stated, if you are looking to get your name on Googles results page, Google+ is a good way to start. Google does not play favorites when it comes to outside results, but they do play favorites when it comes to their own content. If they see relevant content from your Google+ profile that people are searching about, they are likely to show your account as one of the results.

Second, Google+ passed Twitter in January of this year as the second largest social media site, second only to Facebook. Google+ has over 500 million users on Google+ with over 340 million of them active users, according to GlobalWebIndex from December, 2012. As Facebook controls nearly 46 percent of all social media logins, Google+ is second with 34 percent.

As we can see, google+ is becoming a large force, both in the social media world as well as the marketing world. For those looking for a social media platform that will offer change and a very high potential of increased ROI, Google Plus is a good place to start.

photo credit: Bruce Clay, Inc via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director