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It seems that when people think of social media, their first thought is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These are the platforms that receive the most attention as people are constantly posting about themselves, family, friends, pets, sleep habits, etc. You name it you can find it posted somewhere on social media.

As a marketer you want to make sure your product gets attention. As Social media is a very important aspect of marketing, there is something that may be even better… and that is SEO. Think about it. When you want your product to be known you get it out in any way you think will offer a positive ROI. One of the best ways to do so is to increase your ranking on search engines which will, in return, bring more traction to your site and more business for you.

A better solution

Google+ is an upcoming marketing tool that will allow marketers to get their products know online and greatly improve their SEO all in one.

This brings me to a very obvious question. What is the most prominent search engine out there?

The answer: Google. And what social media platform is associated with Google? That’s right folks: Google+. Google+ may not be easiest social media site to use. But, if used properly, can bring a great change in your SEO efforts.

If you are truly trying to improve your ranking on Goggle, one of the easiest yet most effective ways is through Google+. As you constantly post to your Google+ page, as well as your website (blog posts, updates, etc.) Google will see that and will index your sites and pages more often. This in
turn will improve your page rank and will show Google that you are making efforts to work your way up to number one in the search results.

Be Patient

One thing that every marketer must remember is to be patient with Google+. As mentioned previously, Google+ is not one of the first social media sites you think of. It is an upcoming marketing tool that has the potential to do wonders in the marketing world. But be patient. Learn the ins and outs of the platform. Learn how to interact with others. Learn how to use Google+ to your advantage in your marketing efforts.

As you work to implement your plans with Google+, keep in mind that many of your competitors may not (yet) use Google+. Go get out there and show your users that you are the authority in your industry through your efforts on Google+.

photo credit: Bruce Clay, Inc via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director