Is Your Internet Business Prepared for Natural Disasters?

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Internet Marketing SEO Hurricane Irene PicWith the recent earthquakes in the US and the threat of hurricane Irene, it makes those who depend on the internet for their source of income think twice about how they could still work in the event of a natural disaster.

What would you do if the power goes off or your internet service becomes disabled in a disaster? What if you even have to evacuate like Ocracoke Island and all your files are on your computer (the computer you can’t take with you)?

The bad news is that you are completely dependent on electricity and the internet. Lose either one and you can’t work. The good news is that it’s the internet! If you can relocate to a safer area for the time being and get an internet connection, you can still work!

“That’s the beautiful thing about my job as an internet marketing SEO specialist…I can still work from anywhere in the world”, said Jacky W., who provided some tips to being “internet prepared” in case of an emergency.

Tip # 1: Be as automated as possible

For many affiliate marketers and website/blog owners, this can be a life-saver. Try and set up your website, blogs and communications to be as automated as possible. This will also help if you want to go on vacation or don’t want to be tied to your computer 24/7.

Tip #2: Save and/or back up files online

This is a general rule of thumb whether there’s a natural disaster or not.  What happens if all your important files are on your computer and it crashes, gets destroyed in a house fire or even gets stolen?  Don’t leave yourself stuck up a creek without a paddle (literally in the case of floods ;0). If you saved your files online, then there is still hope for you. Google Docs is a great free tool for this, as well as other online data backup services.

Tip #3: Get a laptop

Laptops can be very handy in a grab and go situation like an evacuation.  At least you won’t be scrambling for a computer wherever you’re relocated to. It’s still important to have files saved online though.

Hopefully you will never have to worry about this, but as you can see, there are many reasons for being prepared, especially if you offer services such as Internet Marketing Solutions for other companies who in-turn depend on you.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director