Blogging can be a very fun and exciting way to put your thoughts and ideas into the world. However, in order for the world to see your blog, there needs to be a level of commitment and strategy behind the whole operation. One of the best ways to put “the word” out there involves social media platforms. For some, the idea of sharing on and building up your social media may seem daunting. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be when you define these different components of your marketing strategy.

Brand Definition

Defining Your Brand

If you’re sharing your content on your social media channels, you are your brand. You’re the best representative for it. People are watching you to understand why they should care about what you’re blogging about. Try your best to narrow your focus and stick to one niche. If you’re all over the place, people are less likely to understand what your brand is about. Thus, they’ll ignore whatever posts you share. Get clear with yourself about what you want to put out in the world and stick with it.

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition through Blogging

Your readers need to be able to recognize your brand. This is especially important with social media because there are hundreds of people sharing content daily. You can’t compete with all that content in a mediocre way.

The best way to stand out from the crowd is by having a distinct uniform. Stick to two to three complementary colors you’ll use on your blog and the content you share. Try to use the same filter for all your pictures. Make sure to use the same fonts, font colors, and backgrounds. This consistency is easy on the eye and it’s easily recognizable.

With all the different bloggers, out there in the blogosphere, you want to be easily recognizable. Consider getting a consultation from a graphic designer to create a look that works best for you and your brand. The more polished a product is, the more likely people will take you seriously.

Vivid Images


Most of the social media platforms are incredibly visual, with the exception being Twitter. You’ll want to include a great picture with every single one of your posts. There are two ways to do this: the first way is to include pictures using stock photos. There are quite a few websites that offer high-quality stock photos for sale and even some that offer them for free. If you’re not a professional photographer and want a specific look for your blog, consider using stock photography. Find photos that work for your budget and have fun with them.

The second option involves creating your own images. Many beginners prefer to take their own pictures to avoid any potential copyright issues. There are thousands of free tutorials, tips, and tricks on the internet. One of the main keys to remember involves using great lighting. Don’t underestimate the power of natural lighting and the camera app on the latest smartphone.


Keyword Usage in Blogging

When you visit or any other search engine, you’re typically looking for something. So, you type in a series of words to help describe what you want. Google then takes those words and produces a long list of results. The words you typed in for your search were your keywords. On each blog post, it’s important to include keywords.

Employing different SEO (search engine optimization) strategies will allow your content to appear in the search engines when someone is looking for the content you offer. As Google recognizes your content as helpful and beneficial to readers, it’ll rank it higher in the search engine. The first page of Google is considered prime real estate. With time, you can get a lot of your content in that space if you utilize keywords, hashtags, and SEO strategies. No matter what stage you are in with your blog, it’s always beneficial to have an outside company, such as Big Leap, give you tips and strategies on how to improve your organic marketing efforts.


Brand Consistency

With any major goal, it is so important to remain consistent. If you want to see results, you need to put your eyes on your own paper and focus. Focus on making sure you’re producing a quality product that’s worth sharing on social media. It’s vital to have a schedule and plan your posts in advance.

A lot of content creators get into trouble when they procrastinate or refuse to create an editorial calendar. Some bloggers like the adrenal rush of creating a post at the last minute. However, this isn’t a wise strategy to use. It’s also not sustainable over a period of time. To develop a level of interest and reliability, you must maintain consistency with your blog. To take it a step further, try to share your blog at the same times each week. This allows people to know when to expect your content.

These components work hand in hand to produce a blog worth sharing. Make sure to include social media widgets and share buttons on your blog so people can share the content easily. Want to learn more about integrating your blog and social media? Contact Big Leap today!

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