Instagram and Voting

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 Just by looking at the seemingly endless amount of pictures of people’s lunches or black and white snap shots of hipsters’ shoes flooding my Facebook and twitter feeds, it’s not hard to see that Instagram is extremely popular.  It’s so popular it’s become a great tool in social media marketing.  In fact Instagram recently set a record for the most photographed event with hurricane sandy.  So, with the election happening and today being the day to vote, a similarly large amount of pictures should be expected.  Why not take a picture of your ballot?  Sounds like a good idea right?

Not if you live in these states

That’s right.  In Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas and West Virginia, taking pictures or videos are not only no-nos but is actually against the law.  In one state, using a phone at all is banned.  Not even to make a call or check your Facebook to see who grandma voted for.  Also, you’re not totally off the hook in other states either.  While you may not be breaking the law, you could still get trouble for failing to restrain those urges to Instagram.

Don’t fret

While you may not be able to take a picture of the voting booth or your filled out ballot, there are still ways your inner hipster can express your success in doing that great American duty that is voting.  While, in some states you can’t photograph your ballot after it’s been filled out, you are welcome to do so before.  In the right lighting that can look just as good right?  And how about those nifty stickers they give you that say “I voted”?  What better way to rub in your friends’ faces that you voted than by a sepia toned sticker *BAM* right on their Facebook wall?  Okay I joke about Instagram being for hipsters but I admit it has lots of great uses.  So, what do you think?  Is this ban of cameras right or is it unjust?  Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Pengrin, VoxEfx

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director