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Whether you are writing as a large company seeking to build your reputation as an expert in your industry or if you are an individual writing blogs in the hopes of getting more viewers, you have to have a strategy. Here are some things that will make your blog absolutely irresistible!

What to Write

Isn’t that the million dollar question? This is something that every writer has to ponder on a daily basis. This is by far the most important starting point. If you don’t create a clear direction before you start then you will find that people lose focus fast.

Blogging the new revolution

Headlines Sell!

Just like newspapers, your headlines are everything! It needs to grab attention and make people look twice or even three times. If you aren’t spending that much time coming up with outstanding headlines, then you aren’t getting all of the traffic that you could be getting.

First words=first impressions

Think of the first things you would say to someone you are extremely attracted to. You don’t just want to come off as a regular Joe Schmoe; you want to make them remember you. A joke that makes them laugh, a question that catches them off guard, or even just a quote that inspires them can all be great ways to make you worth remembering.

This is extremely  important with blogging and most writers just don’t get it! If you want people to read your blogs, you have to have a great first sentence and paragraph that makes the want to read the rest.

Placement and promotion

If a delicious piece of fruit is hidden somewhere deep in the tree, no one is going to pick it. But if it is out in front and easy to see, then it will be picked immediately. This is the same thing with blogs. You have to make sure you are promoting them by effectively using social media.

Does it Matter?

Do your words even matter? If they can put a smile on someone’s face, help save money, or bring new ideas to the table, they probably do. This is something you need to think about as you are writing the blog. You really want it to be applicable and meaningful to your target audience.

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Call to Action

You may not be selling anything, but you should always leave a call to action. This will help the reader review everything they just read and see how they can apply it.

Start a Conversation

After you post your blog, you need to be interacting with your readers. When they leave a comment you should always reply. This will show your readers that you are interested in them and their opinions.

If you are going to take the time to write; you might as well write something that is going to be read. Apply these tips on your next blog and you will be surprised to see that the amount of traffic will double or even triple!

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director