Write the Way You Speak: A Conversational Style Will Make You Easier to Understand, and Won’t Scare Away Any Readers

It’s always been interesting to me how many people think they suck at writing.

Some of these people are extremely articulate when they speak. In regular conversation, they get along quite well and can even be quite hilarious, but still, they insist that when it comes down to writing a blog post, they’re hopelessly inept.

Well, let’s clear this up once and for all—if you can talk, you can write.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume because you’re reading this, that you’re fluent in English. You’ve probably been speaking it your whole life (at least since you were a baby).

So if you’ve gained the confidence to communicate effectively—you can order a sandwich at a restaurant like a pro—then why shouldn’t you be just as confident in your writing?

A Conversational Style is the Most Effective Style for Blogging

You’re not trying to write the next “Moby Dick” every time you write a blog post. So what is the goal of a great blog post?

One thing’s for certain, you don’t want to scare any readers away. If you go for an overly professional, formal style of writing, your readers will:


  • Think you’re a pompous windbag
  • Get confused just trying to figure out what you’re saying
  • Give up and simply click away from your blog

On the other hand, if you write in a conversational style, your readers will:

  • Connect with your writing on a more personal level
  • Find exactly what they were looking for
  • Become avid readers of your blog

When you write a blog the way that you speak, you’re not talking down to your readers. You’re communicating with them on their level, the way you would in a normal conversation.

Who Is Telling All These People that they’re No Good at Writing?

I think it goes all the way back to our public education days. High School English teachers tend to reward a certain style of writing: an overly formal style that says, “Look at all the big words I know.”

In college, it gets even worse. You’re taught to write like an academic, not necessarily like a real human being.

But it is your humanity that absolutely must come across in your blog writing. Don’t try to hide your personality by using obscure jargon or writing with a formal tone. In fact, it’s a good idea to never use words in a blog post that you wouldn’t use in regular conversation.

If you approach writing a blog post like you were sitting across a table from your reader and just talking, then you’ll come across as personable and honest. And a good writer.

What If I Stink At Grammar?

It’s a legitimate question. As a reader, as soon as we spot any grammatical or spelling errors in a blog post, the writer immediately loses all credibility.

The best way to fix grammatical errors is to have someone proofread your blog post. Even if neither one of you are experts, your combined input should pick up on anything that’s odd or out of place.

And guess what—behind every great writer is a great proofreader. You can’t always trust yourself to catch every mistake. Even professional writers know how vital it is to have their work edited by someone else before it’s published.

Finally, a Conversational Style Will Save You Time!

The secret to writing quickly and efficiently is this: sit down at the keyboard and just let your thoughts flow. Don’t worry about your grammar mistakes (you’ll fix those later) and don’t obsess over whether anything you’re writing is “good.”

Before you know it, you’ve knocked out a decent blog post, and with a little proofreading from a friend, you’ve written a great blog post.

If you’re so busy that you don’t have time to write regular blog posts for your business, bring in the help of professionals: the copywriters here at Big Leap are experts in conversational-style writing!

photo credit: notashamed via photopin cc

Adam Fifield