How To Use Vine Effectively

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Many people think, “What could you possibly do in 6 seconds?”  The answer: a lot.

Vine, the mobile app that enables its user to create and post 6 second video clips, can be a very powerful tool.  Texting changed communication; sending pictures is always fun.

But nothing has as much effect on our emotions as video.  Video can convey a lot of information that can conjure a powerful emotional response in a very short amount of time if done well.

And now that Twitter launched Vine for Android, pretty much everyone has access to it.  Lots of users +6 seconds of video = intense potential.Picture of Vine

So how do you use Vine well?  Some companies have led the way in short-video innovation.  Their techniques can used by small businesses everywhere.

Create A Theme

People respond to things that they are familiar to.  For instance, who doesn’t like the Allstate commercials with “Mayhem”?  Or the Geicko commercials with the guitar and mandolin player?

Create a theme that can be incorporated into all of your vine videos.  Lowes has a series of how-to’s called “Lowe’s Fix in Six” which teaches home improvement tips in 6 seconds or less.

Map It Out First

So many times we rush into ideas or situations without fully thinking ahead.  When creating each video, 6 seconds can go by really fast.

Map out the entire video, even if you know video is going to be too long.  Visually seeing the video progression will help with filming and editing.

Let a fresh pair of eyes take a look at your outline to make sure they understand what’s going on.  Sometimes, we get so into the project that we forget that people can’t read our minds.

Be Patient

Vine videos can take a deviously long amount of time to create.  Don’t worry if you complete your video only to find out that it’s all wrong.

Take a few stabs at it to get used to how you record each frame and how the frames relate to each other.  It can seem tedious, but the more you practice, the faster you will become an expert Vine-er.

Videos are more popular than ever before.  The news is becoming more watched than read.  The media train is already on its way to Video; you better jump on.

With these tips, and a whole lot of practice, you too can become an expert Vine videographer.  Then you’re business can reap the benefits of your new found social media talent.  Isn’t Vine great?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director