Founded in 2008, HootSuite could be considered the latest social media service.  It is an online social media marketing tool that makes it easier for account managers and team members to keep track of accounts.

HootSuite will merge your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and even WordPress accounts for each client into a single space.  But how do you use HootSuite?

How to Use HootSuite

Twitter’s new friend? Maybe so.

There are several different features that HootSuite offers users.  The Secure Team Setup allows team members to schedule updates and assign tasks within each account.  Also, this feature ensures that tweets and Facebook posts are confirmed before they are posted.  This way, there will be fewer incidents of employees posting personal tweets or updates to company pages.

In addition, HootSuite allows for managers to track campaigns all in one place.  Instead of being a desktop application, HootSuite is a secured website with a login and password required.  Team members can engage in conversations and commenting everyday on multiple pages at once instead of having to login and logout of accounts several times daily.

HootSuite also has a social analytics section that was created for reporting purposes.  Not only are managers able to see campaign success rates and click-through rates for specific URL’s, but also they can see information from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, which are also integrated into this reporting process.

Finally, HootSuite even has its own help desk to assist with any other questions regarding how to use HootSuite.  Tutorials, FAQ’s, and how-to’s are all help options available.