How to SEO your images

As a blog owner, I try to include an image with all of my posts. I believe that an image has the ability to not only grab the readers attention, but to also add some personality.

About a month after I started my blog, I noticed a lot of my traffic coming from the Google images search. I had no idea that not only do images make my posts look more interesting, it also is 23.37% of my traffic according to Google Analytics as of this morning. So how was I able to get my images to rank in Google image search? Use these tips

Image File Name-When saving images, use keywords that you are trying to rank for as the file name.

Alt TagsAlt tags are very easy to add. If you use WordPress, some of the themes will add Alt Tags for you. My theme uses the image file name as the alt tag. An example of alt tag would be, img src=”filename.jpg” alt=”Alternative description goes here”

These are really easy changes that anyone is capable of making to their website. If you are using a professional website design company to build your website, these are changes that can be overlooked. So make sure that they use these tips so you can increase your traffic.

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