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If you’re struggling in a competitive market to rank well on Google Maps you might need to do a little Google Maps optimization on your website. The idea is to give Google as many clues about your location on your website as you can. There are several easy ways to do this.

  • Listing your address and phone number – Hopefully you have your website url on your Google Places page. If Google can follow that link and find the exact same info that it has in Google Maps then that is a good sign to them. For an added bonus put the local info in the footer on every page of your website. Google will count each page as a separate citation. If you have an 800 number that you like to have available on your website put that in an image and list your local phone number with your address. google maps onsite optimization
  • Address in the title tag – If you are an exclusively local business this could help you out a lot but if you have multiple locations or a large service area filling your title tag with a lengthy address could hurt you on your organic search rankings.
  • Location in the url structure – Having the location in the url of your website can help greatly with Google Maps optimization. If you can register a domain name with the location do it. If you have multiple locations create a page for each location and name each page something like,, etc.

In conclusion, just make it easy for Google to match up the information on your website with the information on your Google Places page. This should not only help with Google Maps SEO but it will help you appear in the mixed results for local search terms.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director