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Google Images

Everyone has wanted to find a specific picture on the internet at some time or another. Most of us have found Google Image Search to be a valid tool for helping us find that perfect picture of our favorite team’s victory dance. The question then arises as to how people actually rank for those pictures on Google Image Search.

Unfortunately Google can’t see your image and automatically figure out what the image is about; however, Google can read how YOU describe your image in your HTML. Here are the ways to make sure that you’re image is indexed properly on Google to receive the highest ranking possible:

Alt Tag

– in standard html when adding an image you typically have code that looks like this:  <img src=”folder_name.jpg” alt=”picture_description”> . Make sure that your alt tag text is descriptive of what the image is about. For example, you took a picture of the Empire State Building on your last vacation and want to post it. Your alt tag text should be something descriptive like, “empire state building”, not “vacation pics”.

Folder Name

– when saving your picture make sure that you save it under a proper name and don’t leave the pic123.jpg name. Once again, if you have a great picture of the Empire State Building then name it “empire_state_building.jpg”.

Surrounding Text

– make sure that when you put a picture in a post that you actually talk about something relating to the picture either directly above or below said picture. Back to the Empire State Building example, if you post the picture, mention how cool it was to see this massive building and how you walked every one of those 1,860 steps to the 102nd floor.

Picture Link

– when browsing other people’s web pages you often see links below a picture that say “full size” or “My pictures”. When you link to a picture file, make sure that you use the proper anchor text for the link. Your wonderful Empire State Building picture should have a link stating, “Empire State Building” or something along those lines.

As with everything done with Google there is no exact answer for what their algorithm is, but we do have a pretty good idea. If you find anything to be useful with Google Image Search then leave us a comment with your idea.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director