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Did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine (behind only Google-its owner) in the world? Millions of people use YouTube every day to find funny, creative, educational, inspirational videos. There are videos of just about anything you can imagine and every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube! That’s 103,680 hours of video being uploaded every day! Click here for advice on how to make simple and effective YouTube videos.

With that much new content every day, you need to know what to do to make sure people can find and see your videos. Don’t let these numbers overwhelm you. If you properly optimize your videos according to the following categories, viewers will come!


If the name of your video showed up in a search, would you click on it? Make the title of your video catchy. Also make the title of your video concise, focusing on your keywords. Keeping your title under 70 characters allows YouTube to index your video for the best placement in search results.


Tags, otherwise known as keywords, are descriptive worlds that will help people find your video when they are searching. If you are adding a video to your YouTube channel, try creating a set of standard tags that can be used for all of your videos. Remember to use your most common tags in your video title and description.

You can also use the YouTube Keyword Tool to generate new keyword ideas. This tool allows you to enter a keyword and then it generates new ideas based off of that keyword.


In one or two sentences you should provide enough information for people to decide if they want to watch your video or not. Remember to include a call to action, such as an invite to subscribe to your channel, or to visit your Facebook Page or Website.

Thumbnail Image

YouTube will automatically choose three still images from your video that you can choose from or allow you to upload your own image that will act as a thumbnail in search results or on your channel page. Try and choose a thumbnail that will help attract more clicks on your video. If you are using your video to promote a new product, choose a thumbnail that clearly shows what the product is. For specific dimensions and guidelines for thumbnail pictures, visit YouTubes optimization page.

There are a lot of right and wrong ways to market on YouTube. Let us know what some of your best ideas are by leaving us a comment!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director