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Whether or not you want to create a Facebook page for a business or some other kind of project–perhaps you are a musician or author and would like to gain a following–this tutorial will help you accomplish what you are looking to do. If you already have a business page and are wondering how to improve it, I would recommend reading “Social Media Tips for Business Owners.” Very good read, if I do say so myself.

Facebook business pageThe Benefits of Having a Business Page on Facebook

Once you have created a business page you will be granted access to page promotions, the Ad Manager, and all sorts of goodies you can use to promote your page to the other billion people on Facebook. Let me just say that no matter what you have heard, using ads and page promotions is absolutely invaluable. Organic growth can be slow and painful (particularly when you run out of friends and family to email) and will never get the same results as a promoted page. The only (and very slight) exception would be a massive brand like Coca-Cola choosing to rely solely on organic page growth (which they will never do) because they have amazing brand notoriety almost anywhere you go. So, if you have a social media presence as awesome as Coke’s, be my guest–don’t use promotions or ads.

The great thing about creating a business page is that you can grant your personal page “admin” access. This means that you can switch back and forth between any of the pages you create. You can imagine that this becomes quite handy when you consider that you don’t have to create separate accounts for each page you want to make. Bonus.

The Making Of

The easiest way to show you how to make a Facebook business page, surprisingly, is not through 400 words of bullet points and exposition. Shocker, I know. It is through a video tutorial. Tutorials are fantastic because you can see exactly where you need to be at each moment. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to constantly go back and forth between instructions and what I’m trying to do, so this really works out well for everyone involved.  And the voice over in this video is British. You’re welcome.

photo credit: Scott Beale via photopin cc
video credit: Saboohi Khan

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director