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With over 600 million websites on the Web, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to those reading that there are some truly ugly and useless websites out there. Unfortunately, it just might be that yours is one of those ugly and useless ones. If it is, you will find you have a high bounce rate, if you have any visitors at all. For your benefit, and my peace and mind, here are some easy-to-implement improvements you can make to your website to help increase visitor involvement and interest. You don’t need to have a ton of experience with on-site optimization to do these, either. So, no excuses.

1. Would Simon Cowell Shove Rusty Knives Into Eyes If He Saw Your Website?

First impressions are everything. From the moment your viewers land on your website, they will determine the quality of your site by one characteristic: appearance. Human beings are naturally drawn to attractive things and websites are not an exception.

So, does your website look like its graphics were copied and pasted from a Super NES game? Have you strategically chosen easy-to-read fonts that also look modern? Does your website complement your brand and services? If not, keep this one anecdote in mind: wooing viewers to an ugly, useless site is like trying to hit on girls with a booger hanging from your nose. Blow your nose, and clean up your site.

2.  Website Search Box

This feature is completely dependent on the format of your website. If you have tons of pages of quality content, but your viewers have to manually sort through all of it to find what These SEO tips will help increase your visitor involvementinterests them, your content isn’t doing you much good. In this case, you would want to add a search box so your viewers can easily navigate your site. If your site is effectively using space and content then you might not need a search box.

3. Social Media Buttons

You have probably had moments when you have read/watched something that was so full of pure awesomeness that you couldn’t help but share it (kind of like this article…Beuller?…Beuller?). Your viewers could have the same existential experience on your site, but if you don’t have the tools for them to do so they will most likely lose interest in sharing. Help them and yourself by adding “like,” “Tweet,” and “share” buttons on all your content pages.

4. Videos

Let’s face it, even if you write the best content on the web, people don’t always want to read–nor do they always have the time. Break up the monotony by posting videos. They could be for entertainment purposes or you could compile a “How-To” series.

5. Related Content Plugin

This will keep viewers on your site, which is really the goal, isn’t it? It allows them to keep reading related articles via categories, tags, and links within articles. Run these plugins to keep them reading on YOUR website, rather than leaving to find related content.

No doubt you want to implement these freakishly brilliant tips. While these tips will help you to a certain extent, remember there are also professionals here at Big Leap whose services include website development and on-site optimization. Just a thought.

photo credit: marciookabe via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director