Like most writers, digital marketers can suffer from writer’s block. We can struggle with what to write or what topics are most relevant to our audience. The most important thing to worry about is whether or not anyone is going to find your content useful and, most of all, shareable.

Thankfully, you can always find guest writers for your blog/website when you hit a wall. This allows someone else to display their creative genius on your site—they get to write to a new audience, and you give your readers valuable content from a new perspective. Win win! All you have to do is read through it before you hit publish to make sure it’s high-quality.

Here are some tips to help make your site more unique with other voices.


Interviewing someone on your site is a great networking strategy. Reach out to someone in your field (who perhaps isn’t a direct competitor), and ask them to share their expertise. Everyone approaches things differently, which means if you have a hot take on how to do keyword research one way, they may do it another way.

By interviewing someone prominent, they’ll be excited to share the interview with their network, which means more people will become aware of your site and start to think of you as an authority.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

Pose a question on HARO that you’re interested in for your blog, and contributors will respond with their answers/opinions. HARO is great for gift guides, list posts, or if you’re in a pinch for some authoritative quotes.

When you include contributors who have submitted answers through HARO, you’ll more than likely include a link to their site. By doing this, it will make them more inclined to share the article with their followers on social media.


Reaching out to colleagues and people in your network should be a top priority. After all, they’re people you already know you can count on. You’ll also get great feedback from your peers and some insight that they can feature on their own pages. Also, some LinkedIn members have thousands of connections and all it takes is one share from an “influencer” to help your post go viral.


Last but not least, do outreach. Sending emails to prominent people could spark interest, and you’ll be surprised how many will take you up on the offer. Also, asking knowledgeable people to write for you will make them feel important—it gives them a little ego-boost.

However you plan to create your content, make sure it’s relevant to your site. And if you’re stuck on what to create, reach out to people in your field and see if they’ll write for you, or at least help contribute. For more ideas and information, contact Big Leap’s content marketing services.