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Being the latest social media buzzword is not something to be overlooked. Surpassing Twitter in terms of referral traffic isn’t either. So if you haven’t gotten “Pinterested” yet, the time is now. Here are a few simple steps to get started with Pinterest.

Establish Your Identity

Whether you are an individual or a company, users need to know who you are. What are your hobbies, interests, and passions? What makes you laugh, what inspires you, and, most importantly to retailers, what prompts you to buy?How to Pinterest As an individual, this allows a company to get familiar with their target demographic so they know how to market to you. As a company, fans would like to see a company’s profile and personality through their pinning—and of course, this means promoting more than the company itself.

Get Posting and Pinning

Post, pin, and repin! This part of the Pinterest process allows you to interact with other users and websites. Make sure you keep things organized on different boards, or your page may Getting started with pinterestbecome overwhelming. Plus, Pinterest is all about the visual experience, so keep in mind that your images should always be top-notch. Also, if you are trying to highlight specific products on your website, make it easy for people to repin by placing a “Pin It!” button nearby. These simple steps will keep the traffic coming and increase your visibility.

Keep It Fresh

Just like a blog, your Pinterest boards will become not only an extension, but rather an integral part of your overall marketing efforts. And we all know that when a blog has become stagnant, we’re probably not going to head back there again. So, keep your followers “Pinterested” by staying on top of your interactive pinning efforts.

Starting With Pinterest

If you’re still wondering how to start with Getting Started with PinterestPinterest, maybe the best solution is to just try it yourself. With its intuitive user interface and visual appeal, it’s no wonder Pinterest is the fastest stand-alone site on the Web to reach 10 million followers. So get on board (ha), and see how well you can attract its 2.5 million daily users.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director