how to get rid of slanderIt is incredibly frustrating to go look yourself or your company up on your favorite search engine, only to be presented with negative and or salacious search results. Not only will this irritate you (for obvious reasons) but it can also have lasting negative effects on you (loss of reputation or loss of clients/business). Good news! There is a solution to get rid of the slander. Change your perspective.

What I mean by change your perspective is you have to realize that the internet is nothing but a popularity contest. If someone has said something defamatory about you or your company you simply have to become more popular than they are. I recommend three ways to focus your effort.

1. Optimize your site – This is probably the most important of any of the steps. You should look at your website and make sure that it is compliant with all the best practices for on-site SEO. Once you have done that you should spend sometime creating notoriety for your website – primarily from back-links to your website (however other SEO practices should be used as well).

This will have a double effect, it will help your site rank better – which is nice regardless of anything else- and you will eventually outrank the negative results which will nullify the slander.

2. Set up positive content sites – This one will take the most time, but is your ultimate solution. Essentially what you do here is you create several new websites or blogs that you populate with worthwhile content. In the midst of this content will be positive information on you or your company. Once you have the sites up and running you essentially repeat everything you did in the first step for each of these sites.

What you have done now is created a network of positive supporting sites that people will see when they search for you. Additionally it is likely that this mass of sites has now taken and pushed the slander way down in the search rankings (ideally off of the first page).

3. Use sites that are already popular – This one is the easiest but will have the shortest lasting impact. Remember how I said that the internet is a popularity contest? Well rather than spending time trying to make yourself cool, you can just utilize one of the kids who are already cool.

Find a high-traffic, high-credibility website and get your information on there. For instance you can put content on Facebook or YouTube for reputation management, because these site will automatically return results on the first page. Moving beyond the obvious, you can find a popular blog and offer to be a guest author for them. If you use your name and a link in your post then that blog has become part of your positive content network.

Obviously, this is a basic walk through, but this gives you a general idea what you would be looking at doing should you need to engage in your own reputation management campaign. Should you feel completely overwhelmed by all the work ahead of you (I would, after all, lets be honest, this is A LOT of work) then there are many internet marketing companies out there that can manage an online reputation management campaign for you… worry free.