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How to get more reviews for your business

With Yelp, Angie’s list, yahoo reviews, and other websites growing it has become apparent that business owners need to get some positive reviews in order to compete. You’ve worked very hard to provide great customer service and very loyal customers, but for some reason no one is reviewing you online. Let me introduce you to what I call “in the moment marketing” and how you can use this technique to get more stars than the latest Harry Potter movie.

An Example

In the moment marketing is pretty straight forward – all you do is market to people in the right moment. Let’s say you own a pizza shop that sells 5 Ft . Pizzas and you’ve accurately named your business “bigger is better”. You are getting some great customers and are excited to grow the business to take over the Pizza Huts and Dominoes of the world. One day you look online expecting to see hundreds of satisfied reviewers sharing their great experience at “bigger is better”. You search and search and finally conclude that no one has written you a review – even though you have happy customers.

This is where we introduce in the moment marketing to help this fantastically-named pizza café. One day you decide to buy a few ipads and let people use them while waiting for their orders. As you hand the customers ipads you simply ask if they have a spare moment to give you a review online or to tweet something to their friends. Soon enough you start seeing great reviews pop up on a few different sites. Weeks later you notice that your store is doubling in customers, because people have been talking about you on twitter and facebook. After a few years you’ve got several locations across the state.

Last Disclaimer

Now this example is extreme, but it does show how easy it is to get exposure online if you simply interrupt people having a great experience and ask them to share it. For in the moment marketing to work you also have to provide a means by which your customers can actually share their experience. This can be a laptop at the front, ipads that get passed around, a QR code for people with smart phones, etc… basically anything that gets them online and connects them with their social networks.

Once you’ve got the conversation started, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the good word spreads. If you properly use “in the moment marketing” you’ll be amazed at just how big “bigger is better” can really get.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director