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The competition for most businesses is very fierce and any edge you have can make a large difference. Finding the right keywords for your particular business can be that difference and give your site the extra edge over your competitors. Search Engine Keyword

To get started, make a list of all the keywords and phrases that you or your customer might search to find your product or service. Put that list of search engine keywords into Google’s keyword tool.

You can search “Google’s keyword tool” and it will be the first search result that comes up. This tool gives you a list of relevant and similar keywords and tells you how many times those keywords are searched each month.

Some of the keywords may not be closely related enough so pull out all the keywords relevant to your business. As you do this, I find it is easiest to put these keywords into an excel spreadsheet to organize them better.

After you have found all the keywords relevant to your business you can then use the search engine keywords that have the most searches per month to optimize your website.

Do not delete this list because you can use it to start you pay per click campaign.
All you need to do is separate the words that are similar. Then group those keywords into groups of 5 to 20 keywords per group and you have your different adgroups for a Google PPC Campaign.

This process is very simple but it can take several hours to get a complete list for all the services and products your website offers. Even though it may take some time, the benefits of finding the right search engine keywords will pay off.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director