How to Create Influential Copy

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A large majority of copywriters suffer from a dangerous epidemic that’s limiting their influence. The epidemic is much bigger than a reputation hanging by a comma. It’s larger than creating duplicate content. It’s worse than even black hat SEO (for even black hat SEO garnishes attention).

The Pain of Indifference

Indifference is more painful and lonely than any other punishment the public can give a copywriter. Nothing kills a will to work quite like it. A writer can spend hours creating and tweaking the perfect article for his or her audience. The topic was well written and the grammar was impeccable, and yet no one did anything about it. The piece isn’t influential.

The problem isn’t that the writing isn’t good. The problem is that your content has already been written time and time again. People don’t want to read it. The ideas don’t vary from what you’re reader is already thinking.

The Problem with Groupthink

Groupthink is a condition where a majority of people see a problem or topic of debate from the same point of view. Comments made by the group are predictable and obvious, because everyone thinks alike.

Remember the “rats with wings” from Finding Nemo? These seagulls moved as a group with only one thought in mind: food. Even their vocabulary was limited to a single word that they all used together, “mine.” No single bird ever said or did anything other than what everyone else was doing. They moved and spoke as one, and thus, no single bird stuck out in anyone’s mind.

Should one have tried, he would have had to reinvent his vocabulary and do something different to attract any attention. Had he done that, we all might remember the story going a little bit differently. This concept holds true in the real world as well.

How Luther Changed the World

The reason Martin Luther stuck out so much during his time was because he challenged the status quo. After gaining a thorough understanding of the Catholic Church, he began to question the world he was seeing. He dared to think outside the crowd. He changed the world through his words and deeds.

His punishment was excommunication. His legacy was a lasting religious revolution that could very well have laid the foundations for the industrial revolution.

Challenge the Norm

As a writer, don’t approach a topic from the point-of-view of the crowd. You will add little to nothing to the conversation.

Challenge the status quo instead. Think outside the crowd.

Consider ideas and suggestions that scare you. Gain a new perspective. Listen to the opposing side. Form your own opinions.

Once you have carefully thought through the topic, then sit down and begin writing. With an opinion that wavers from the crowd of seagulls on the internet, your writing will become influential, even if you only influence one reader that visits your site once.

Your writing will be seen, even when it’s suffering from little SEO. Your ideas will be shared. Your audience will want to share it, because you dared to think outside the crowd, bringing a refreshing opinion to a large community that simply agrees with everything.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director