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The title tag is the first thing that your users will see when searching for your keywords and one of the first things a search engine looks at when crawling your site. So it goes without saying that it had better be good. But how can you make your title tag visually appealing and search engine friendly?

From a search engine optimization perspective the title tag carries more weight than any single on-site optimization change you can make. A change in your title tag alone is enough to boost your rankings, so it is important to include your keywords. If you include your company name and your keywords in the title tag (which is not a bad idea) put the keywords first so they will carry more weight.

Try ranking for some more long tail keywords that also include the main keywords you want. For example, the phrases “Hot Stock Picks” and “Best Stock Picks” still include the main phrase “stock picks.” This is a really good example, because the phrase stock picks is also in the url so this title tag effectively fits the keyword phrase in three times.

Don’t overdo it though. Human beings are are looking at this title as well. And you are optimizing for humans not just search engine bots.

Make it aesthetically pleasing. Including your url or your company name is important in making your title look official and trustworthy. Stuffing your keywords in there too much can make it look like spam.

Going back to the stock picks example, making your title a sentence is a good way to optimize your title for search engines and users. That way you include the keywords and it is enticing and readable for the viewer.

title tag seo

Include a call to action. This will make your title stand out among the other search results. This is not only good SEO, its good advertising. A call to action makes users more likely to click. So “Get Hot Stock Picks” interests people more than just “Stock Picks.”

Now that we’ve established all of these things that you should do, you should also keep it under 65 characters or it will be cut off in the search engines and that doesn’t look good.

Complicated enough? It is a balancing act for sure, but creating a good title tag that optimizes for search engines and human visitors will do wonders for your website.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director