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In light of some recent activity I’ve noticed while browsing a few company Facebook pages, I thought it would be beneficial to share a few tips on connecting with customers on Facebook.

Be a Human

Social networks are great places for human beings to connect with each other. In addition to allowing friends and family members to connect with one another, they also give companies an opportunity to connect with customers and the general public in a way that can’t be done anywhere else. In order to foster this connection, it is necessary to show consumers the personality behind the company. Your customers should see you as a human being, complete with emotions such as empathy, joy, and concern. Oh, and a good sense of humor really helps, too.

Don’t be a Robot

No Facebook Robots

Earlier this week, I was browsing the Facebook page of a rather large and controversial company when I noticed a trend in their Facebook comments. Every time someone posted a complaint, the company response was this:

“Hi NAME, We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please tell us more about the situation at LINK TO FACEBOOK FEEDBACK PAGE so that we can share this information with the appropriate team.”

One of the best ways to distance yourself from the customer is to provide a generic response that appears to have been assembled by the legal team and copied from a Word document. Such robotic responses are counterproductive when it comes to connecting with customers and developing customer loyalty.

Address Concerns as Well as Compliments

When a customer uses your Facebook page to publicly lodge a legitimate complaint, DO NOT delete it! Instead, take the opportunity to show them that you care and are willing to work to make it right. Even if you feel that the incident is best handled privately, publicly replying to the individual shows everyone that you value your customers.

Stay Active

Social networks such as Facebook provide many ways to stay actively involved. Frequent updates that draw interest will keep your followers coming back for more. A few good examples are:

  1. Contests and Free Stuff –Who doesn’t love free stuff? Create excitement through a themed contest in order to draw more traffic and awareness to your company page.
  2. Relevant News – Share interesting articles, videos, and stories related to your field. Also, if someone has taken the time to write something positive about your company, go ahead and link to it! Reposting will allow you to toot your own horn without actually tooting your own horn.
  3. Interesting or Funny Facts – Instead of making your company’s page all about promoting new products or services, take some time to post a few funny or interesting facts related to what you do. For example, did you know that cheese and yogurt help fight bad breath? Neither did I until I found it posted on a dentist’s Facebook page.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director