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Stop SpamWe all have many reasons for blogging, whether it be to keep our friends and families up-to-date with our life or be it to make some money on the side. It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, however, blogging also has inherent frustration – namely spammers. If you are fed up with being harassed by useless comments from spam bots I will show you how to combat blog comment spam.

Social Comment Plugin By this I mean use a plugin that requires a commentor to have a registered log in with a pre-existing service – Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, etc… – in order to comment. This prevents spam bots from posting and will discourage spammers from posting as these services don’t allow for site links. This is the trade off. A lot of time

Facebook Comment Plugin, stops spam

people are looking for back links as a motivation for blogging, but at the same time they will still provide good insight and contribution. This move will discourage these people. On the other hand though, a Facebook or Twitter plug in expands the reach of your article. As people comment using these plugins it posts an excerpt on their profile for others to see.

Require registration If you are using a non-blogger blog, for instance a WordPress site, you can simply require your commentors to register. I know that with a few of my favorite sites to check out I wouldn’t mind quickly creating an account to comment.

Remove Website Link Field The most basic tactic you can use is to remove the field that is of interest to spammers. If there is no way for a back link to be created then they will see that and move on.

Enable a Spam Blocking Plugin Developers have created many different plug ins that will automatically detect and block comments that seem to be spammy. They go about this in a variety of ways, IP address detection, spam word detection, comment length, etc… A few plugins that come to mind are Akismet and WP SpamFree. The downside here is that sometimes these programs levy the Spam Hammer on legitimate comments.

Enable Captcha Boxes This is another back to basics method of alleviating spam. You can install Captcha or a similar plugin that requires an alphanumeric code to be inserted before a comment will be accepted. These codes are images that are impossible for bots to read. The downside here is that legitimate commentors HATE these as they are a pain, and these won’t stop human spammers.

I personally feel my first suggestion is the best but I suggest you look at all of these and consider which one (or combination of ones) will work best for your specific site. Either way, now you have a few options to consider as you decide how to combat blog comment spam. If you hate to get your hands dirty in all of this web design stuff there are many companies out there that offer affordable web design that will manage all of this for you.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director