If you haven’t been living under a rock as of late, then you probably know how social media has exploded onto the internet marketing scene. It seems that no matter where you look everyone from A to Z is using social media to breathe new life into their businesses. Here are some simple steps you can take to insure you’re using social media to bring new life into your business.

Step 1: Sign you business up for a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube account.

Step 2: Place the proper social media icons on your website with a link to your social media pages. This helps people find your business on social media websites.

Step 3: Post great value-adding content to your social media pages. This includes adding pictures, text articles, videos, and anything else related to your business. You could even start a discussion about new developments in your industry.

Step 4: Send an invitation to everyone you know encouraging them to join your pages—get as many “fans” as you can.

Step 5: Add a viral element to your website that will make your social media properties go viral. One way to do this is to run a discount promotion for your product or service and tell people they have to join or subscribe to your social media page on Facebook, or whatever social media website you’re using, in order to get your discounted offer.

These are some simple things you can implement right now to inject new customers into your business, and of course, if you build a relationship with them, it can mean long-term profits for your business—that’s the power of social media.