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Images. Make your blog aesthetically pleasing. Readable fonts (2 maximum), a couple or three complementary colors, a clean layout, and working links are major selling points for blog readers.

Additionally, people like to know who’s talking to them. Take off your sunglasses. Posting a thumbnail of yourself as an author makes a more personable site, making yours a more personable company.foundations of finance

Text In Pieces. Like a newspaper article, make it visually choppy— but still make your idea flow. People don’t get excited about giant text chunks. Break it up, or they’ll break up with you. “It’s not me; It’s you.”

Bolding. Let them be sure of your most important points by bolding them. It says, “Hey, I’m important!”

Mix It Up. The best and most interesting posts include elements from many different media. This can mean text, video, images, etc. The more you’ve got to flaunt, the more people are going to want to look. However, don’t overdo it. Like wearing too much make up or too much cologne, a blog with overwhelming amounts of media is tough to be around and tough to take seriously.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director