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Social Media and Mother's Day Sales - Twitter imageThe great thing about recessions and financial hardships is that it forces people and businesses to think outside of the box. With the bad we can often find the good, right?

During times like this, individuals start looking for great deals to save money and businesses start looking for other ways to reach people and make money. That’s when the internet becomes everyone’s best friend.

As an individual looking for a great deal, are you more likely to spend hours flipping through newspapers and driving around town, just to find a couple “OK” deals? Or would you rather save time, as well as gas, and find unimaginable numbers of great deals with the click of a mouse? The answer is an obvious one.

As a business it would be insane not to tap into this spike of internet deal seekers. Wouldn’t you want some way to capture this audience?

Internet marketing is obviously the way to go, but it’s not all created equally. Paying for ads on popular websites can help generate traffic to your website, but the sales generated are generally a one- time deal and the customer may never return. However, those businesses that give their customers a way to stay in touch on a daily basis do much better.

Yes folks, you guessed it…Social Media. Business owners have suddenly realized its value and potential, and in just a short couple of years business use of social media has sky rocketed.

This past Mother’s Day many “social media first-timers” noticed a significant increase in sales. The most interesting observation was an increase in the percentage of returning customers. Most of which are also their Facebook and Twitter fans.

As it turns out, many of the new customer orders were also a result of other social media efforts such as online videos (YouTube). (Where they also offered links to join their Facebook and Twitter pages).

Offering their customers a place where they could follow, allowed their customers to see daily deals, sales, contests, special offers and announcements. It also allowed businesses to promote unique products that may not be available in any ol’ place.

Now businesses can make those kinds of things known and available to all four corners of the earth, not just withing a 20 mile radius. Whatever they want people to know about, they can put up on their fan pages.

So for anyone asking if social media can help their businesses, the answer is yes. Is it worth it? According to the many happy and somewhat stunned business owners…yes! Now it’s time to get ready for the next celebrations and holidays.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director