How Social Media Affects College Students

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Social media use in schools can provide both benefits and drawbacks. By nature social media is neither good nor bad. It has more to do with how the technology is used. It can be a distraction or it can be a great aid.

Social MediaOn multiple occasions I have used Facebook as a tool to get information for a school project. Whether I’m gathering information by asking a question or simply getting in contact with the people I’m working on a project with. There have also been occasions where I’ve simply forgotten what the assignment was and I was able to find out through asking a classmate on Facebook.

That being said, I’ve also used Facebook as a distraction. Having access to open contact with my friends, I’d be lying if I said I never checked my Facebook during school when I should be paying attention to my teacher. Sometimes the temptation to chat with your friends is just too hard to resist. I can see where this can be a problem during school, however, there is a time and place for using it.  Most students realize the problems that can come from excessive Facebook use and are typically responsible.

Social Media Tool or Distraction

Mobile technologies such as smart phones can make it easier to goof off and ignore your professor but at the same time they can help you look up valuable information. For example maybe your professor is teaching the lesson and brings up a concept you have never heard before. A smart phone gives you the option to instantly look it up, save it, and come back to it later if need be.

There quite a few other apps that cause distractions among students such as tinder. Tinder is an interesting kind of dating app where you don’t fill in any information other than a profile picture. Students like these kind of apps because they are a distraction from everyday problems. Students are always looking for more apps like this to help them find an escape.

In addition to that there are other apps available which will help students. Evernote allows a student to create notes, save web pages, and sync notes with their various mobile devices. Students are always looking for applications like this to help them with their school work and daily lives. Having the option to make lists and have your notes at your fingertips all the time is a great benefit both in and out of school.

Social Media in Business

Social media and mobile technology can be both useful and harmful to your education. It’s simply about how it is used. This same principle can also be applied to your business.

Social media has other benefits as well. It can help to improve your business by bringing customers to your site, helping you gain more exposure. Just about everyone uses some form of social media so this is always a good way to get your name out there. Big Leap can help you do this in the most effective way possible

Technology is always being improved and made better. This is true for both distracting and useful technology. There’s always room for improvement it just takes the right people to make those improvements.

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