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The BP Oil Spill and all its’ associated drama over these last few weeks is the stuff of movies. It is the kind of disaster that can absolutely ruin the name of any company, dragging it down with the likes of Enron.

This is because its’ name has been negatively portrayed by the government, all the major news stations, and ridiculed by the most dangerous critics of all: Comedians. Most famously is the recent youtube portrayal of BP’s seeming stupidity. I found this clean version online.

However, sometimes even in the most extremely unfortunate cases, there is still hope. This hope is dependent on having a good Online Reputation Management team. Teams like this can help you meet the web and all its demons head on by using methods like reverse SEO, and also tools like flickr, facebook, and twitter.

Online Reputation Management can be the key to a company’s bright future. Currently, when you run a search for the term “oil spill” on Google you will be greeted with information about what BP is doing trying to stop the oil spill and not simply pictures of birds covered in tar.

By “SEOing” this information to the top of Google, BP has essentially removed the first layers of tar from their own reputation.

Sadly, however, it seems that BP is better at Online Reputation Management than they are at stopping oil spills.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director