***Attention former HIT Web Design/Heritage Web Design customers.*** HIT Web Design is out of business and you need to act quickly to find a solution.

Q: What Happened to HIT Web Design?

On March 8, 2011, HIT Web Design ceased all operations.

Q: How Does HIT web design going out of business affect me?

Your hosting with HIT Web no longer exists. If you wait too long to find a new hosting company your website will go offline.

Q: How is HIT web design associated with Fibernet?

HIT Web Design was a reseller of Fibernet hosting services. Now that HIT Web Design is gone, you have a decision to make about who will host your website.

Q: How Can I Get Support for My Website?

Leadgenix is here to help former HIT Web clients affected by the recent turn of events. Call 1.888.383.3755 or complete the form below to talk to a Big Leap representative.

Q: What Sets Big Leap Apart from Fibernet?

Our pricing and hosting structure is the same as Fibernet, but we also specialize in a wide variety of web marketing solutions. You can host your site nearly anywhere; but with Big Leap you’ll also have experts in Internet marketing managing your site.

In addition to hosting, we provide:

HIT Web Design/Heritage Web Design Customers

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