A Tale Of Two Social Platforms

Google needs to gain ground on Facebook, but how?It would seem that Google+ and Facebook continue to travel in opposite directions. Today it was announced that Google+ will no longer support some of its more popular game titles including Bejeweled Blitz, Diamond Dash, and Bubble Island.

All three games can be found on facebook and the developers have decided to focus exclusively on that platform. Their reasoning was something along the lines of wanting to spend their time on a platform that has more dedicated active users.

Couple this with the news that facebook recently made another acquisition to build up its own platform and things are looking pretty dismal for Google+. Facebook recently bought the rights to face.com, a facial recognition software company.

Even with its recent IPO blunder, it looks like facebook is continuing its dominance of the social media market. Is there anything Google+ can do to turn the tide?

What Can Google+ Do

As a non-partial consumer, I’ve always felt that switching to a new social media platform is too big an undertaking to make it worth my while. The new platform needs to be dramatically better than the old one in order to facilitate a wide migration of users and quite frankly, Google+ just doesn’t have that advantage.

The only other way I see myself switching over is if Google makes it incredibly easy to do so. I have over 600 pictures on facebook, and switching over to Google+ means I would be losing the majority of those.

Google could gain a lot of ground by developing an “import account” feature in their service that automatically takes all your facebook info and loads it into Google+.

Sharing Is Caring

Coming from a paid search marketing background, it’s easy for me to see the value of this. The two major platforms I work with are Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter.

Those two services have learned to play nicely with each other and allow for campaign importing and exporting. It might suit Google+ well to transfer that same mentality over to its social media platform.

What do you think Google+ needs to be truly competitive in the social media market? Leave your comments and ideas below.

Scott Sundblom