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Lately there has been a lot of disputing of which search engine is preferred of them all, of course, it is a matter of opinion, in fact, of many opinions. By far the two most popular search engines are Google Search by Google inc. and Bing by Microsoft.

How do You Find Out?

In fact, there are so many arguments as to which is the better engine that there is a site dedicated to finding out which is your preferred engine…whether you know which you like better or not. On, they have a survey where you search for something and it brings up two separate panels representing Google and Bing, but the tricky thing is, you don’t know which is which. After 5 different searches you make, it brings you to the end and tells you which search engine “won”.

I took the survey and I normally use Google for my searching, however, after taking the survey, it seems as though I would prefer Bing over Google, according to the choices that I made with each search result. Other studies have been done and found that (despite Bing’s claim to be preferred 2:1 over Google) Google was preferred by 53% of those tested.

History of the Engines

Despite the fact that Google’s search engine, being released in 1997, has about 12 years on Bing which was launched in mid-2009, Bing is putting up quite a fight giving Google hefty competition. However, Google is constantly updating, the updates may not always be very large changes, but Google did recently update their Algorithm to the Hummingbird Algorithm, which is supposed to make our searches better, so Google is definitely not giving up without a fight.

Even though Google is the most popular currently, Bing is growing in popularity…who do you prefer?


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director