Have You LinkedIn Lately?

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Occasionally seen as an obsolete social media marketing service in comparison to other giants like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is making some improvements.  In order to improve functionality for users of all ages, they have added several new components to their online resume system.

LinkedIn for studentsThe most significant changes have taken place regarding student profiles. In a competitive market where a degree oftentimes doesn’t say enough to a potential employer, there are now options to add a variety of accomplishments to students’ online profiles.

Because students don’t have as much work experience as typical LinkedIn professionals, LinkedIn for students users are now able to add everything from languages and certifications to organizations and courses. Also useful are sections for awards, test scores, and projects they have participated in.

These elements show employers what students have gained from the college experience in a more detailed manner than simply listing their degree. Also, it highlights what skills and abilities students have gained from the activities and courses they were involved with during their college careers.

As LinkedIn surpassed 100 million users in March of this year, optimizing student profiles will be a great step toward strengthening online presence as a potential employee. LinkedIn for students will not only help students to appear more credible, but also you will demonstrate their abilities to take advantage of social media as a powerful tool in the search for a job.

A final word of warning: despite these great new enhancements that are available to students via LinkedIn, this does not mean that a profile should be an elongated abridgment of every moment of their college careers. Sorry, but we don’t care that you were a member of the ping-pong club (cool, but no one will add that to your credentials as an employee) or that you aced your History of Video Games final (too random, and a little disturbing).

So, improve your current profile if you are a student—but not too much.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director