Happy 12th Birthday Google!

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Has it really been twelve years? Larry Page and Sergey Brin started in a classroom, progressed to a garage, and now reside in a comfy complex in Silicon Valley. They started with a few networked computers and were run under the stanford university web site google.stanford.edu. They never finished getting their degrees.

In just over a decade, Google has become one of the titans of the tech industry, changing the way we do everything from email to pictures to video and more. No one knows what’s next for google, but it will probably change the world.

To celebrate its birthday, a new doodle was introduced depicting a cake with the words google on it, the “L” being replaced by a candle. It was made by the famous american painter Wayne Thiebaud, who’s almost 90 years old. What a great merger of old and new. I loved it.

There has been a running debate about when the date of Google’s birthday actually is, and that ends today. It’s official: September 27th is Google’s big day.

Over the last dozen years, google has changed the way we find information, and if you’re running a business and want to be seen on Google, you’d better know how to choose the right keywords

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director