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We all have that extroverted friend who seems to get a subtle feeling of importance and satisfaction from speaking into a smart phone to look up a contact, dictate a text, or perform an online search. At the same time, however, there are those of us who don’t enjoy everyone within earshot knowing that we’re calling our mom or searching online for a new urologist.

Voice Recognition and Image Search

Although voice recognition can be a useful option for your smart phone or desktop, it simply isn’t everyone’s favorite feature. That being said, Google’s voice search has grown to six times its original popularity from when it was first introduced. The voice search option allows you to use the search toolbar on Google Chrome or your smart phone to search audibly for your query.

Google search toolbar

Another feature Google created for performing searches is Google’s image search, which allows you to drag and drop images into the search toolbar to find your image online as well as similar results.

The New Google Handwrite

Just announced today, Google’s newest addition is Handwrite. This feature allows searchers to simply write anywhere on the Google search page of their tablet or smart phone to enter a search query.

Google Handwrite on Tablet

This new option will help to reduce hunt-and-peck typing, all too common with smart phones that have a keyboard taking up half the screen space. It’s an option that just makes sense for a device that already uses lots of taping and swiping.

To enable this feature, go to the Google search page and click on settings. Then, under “Handwrite” click “enable.”

In order to start using Handwrite, just click the little cursive g at the bottom right corner of the page and write your query anywhere on the screen. Google instant, which shows a dropdown list of possible search queries before you even finish typing, also works with Handwrite.

Unfortunately, the time between what you write and when it appears on the screen seems a little more delayed than many of Google’s other “guess it before you type it” technologies. None the less, however, Handwrite is a great step forward for Google and it’s definitely worth a shot at doodling for your search.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director