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Groupon's LogoMass purchasing has some serious power. Businesses have been buying in bulk for ages to bring their customers a more affordable product. This model, however, has mainly been handled by larger corporations with storefront locations across the nation. This trend of large businesses getting all the good deals has finally come to an end. Groupon is a way to purchase products at a discounted price from local stores, and also a perfect way to promote your own business. Let’s dive into some of the details of how Groupon works and how it can work for you.

Groupon offers one local deal per day, but with one constraint. The deal is only achieved if enough people purchase the item or coupon.

Groupon will promote your product and only take a portion of the profits, but if the deal doesn’t go through, you don’t pay.

The sign up process for Groupon kinda sucks to be honest. You have to call and sometimes (in my case) they never called back. I hope they offer an online sign up process in the future, where you can choose the deal date and other details.

Groupon is picking up a lot of attention. About ten months ago they were getting about 15 – 20 k visitors a month. Now Groupon is getting almost three million visitors a month.

Groupon looks like a great site to get the word out there about your local business. With Groupon and some Search Engine Optimization, you can be working with a whole new and large customer base.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director