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Many of you may already know that Google just recently included the option to do a Secure Socket Layer or SSL search to their unlimited search engine options. This means that whether you are in a hotel or a cafe and doing private business searches, then with Google’s new search you can make search queries without others seeing what you are searching!

The URL above might have not looked any different from what you normally search under, but if you notice closely there is an “s” after the http. This “https” makes the URL secured.

With Google’s new SSL search, a protocol that basically helps to secure internet communications, you can have this secured service when using your web browsing search engine, your email, instant messaging, etc. This means no more little brothers reading your online chat with your boyfriend/girlfriend…or a guess no one finding out what Matt Cutts is searching for Google!

Although you may be worried that this secured service might have a lesser optimized search engine, this is not true. We have been told that Google’s secured “https” is suppose to be just as optimized in its searches as its regular “http”. However, this service has been noted to take a little bit longer to load, because of the security process it goes through. But a little wait is worth the security, right?

Personally I think that this security has both major benefits and some potential pitfalls that come with it, just like most technology. They must be used appropriately to keep this secured network as something positive and beneficial to the world-wide web. Just words of caution.

With that in mind, enjoy the freedom of know you are secure! Learn more about Google’s SSL Search here for how you can benefit your local search engine optimization services.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director