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google panda update 2.2We recently wrote a post about Google’s panda update. Over the past several weeks, SEO practitioners and webmasters alike have been complaining that Google has done evil with the panda update. Sure, it got rid of a lot of low-quality content and pushed spammy sites off the first page, but there are still reports that Google is giving the credit to the wrong sites.

Several SEOs have reported that hours after they write a blog post, another site will pick it up and then rank higher than the original article. Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan recently sat down at the SMX conference to discuss Google’s panda update, among other things.

In response to the outcries, Matt Cutts recently tweeted the announcement of a rel=author markup, which I’m guessing will help Google know which site should be first in the SERP’s.


Complaints are already coming in that this new markup will be easily abused, but only time will tell.

Also in that same interview, Cutts confirmed that Panda a new update to panda has been approved but hasn’t rolled out yet. It has been nicknamed “panda 2.2” and no one is sure when it will launch. We do know that it will rollout first in the United States, and later to other countries, just as the original panda update was.

The overall consensus is that users are less satisfied with Google’s results as they stand, and this new markup and the later panda update should calm some troubled minds and help improve our web experience.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director