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Breaking News: Cool move by Google today. They’ve upgraded the autocompletion of queries in Custom Search. This allows webmasters to control what pops up in the autocomplete field when someone starts typing in their search bar on their website.

By giving webmasters greater control over what pops up in the autocompletion area, Google is essentially letting us increase the exposure of our best selling products. Let’s say I own an electronics website and my best selling product is the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S Smartphone (yeah, the new one, I’m just thinking off the top of my head). I can now make it so that whenever someone types the letter “S” the words “Samsung Vibrant,” “Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S,” or “Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S Smartphone” pop up immediately in the suggestions underneath their query.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Google Autocomplete FAIL

With new Custom Search Autocompletion control, you can make sure this never happens to you (at least, not on YOUR website).

And it doesn’t stop there. If you have a new product you’re trying to sell, just put it up at the top of your autocompletion options to give it more exposure when someone searches something similar. Chances are someone will see it and trust it as a noteworthy search because,w ell, it’s at the top, right? So it must be important! More searches for you, more sales, and now you can have even more control on selling specific products.

Which of course means you’re going to boost sales on your most profitable products and make them even more profitable. And people are going to be buying great products faster. Everyone wins.

Except Bing and Yahoo, I guess.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director