Google's Advertising Boost for Local Listings

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google boost advertisingGoogle has created a paid ad option for local listings. The product is called Boost and is currently only available in the San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago areas. The plan is to get this product out to more cities in the near future.

So what is Google’s local listing advertisement option, Boost? Boost is a new option in the Google Places account that allows you to create ads for your local listing. This will place your listing above the actual listing in a highlighted pink or the sponsored link area for Google Maps and Google search.

Business owners just need to ad sign up for an ad on the Google Places account and then sit back and watch as Google’s algorithm takes care of the rest.

These Google Boost ads contain your basic local listing information (i.e. address, business name, number, reviews), as well as star ratings and special map markers.

Some believe that this new Boost product is a preemptive strike on Google’s behalf against the new Facebook Places advertising. What do you think?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director