You no longer need a Google Plus invite to sign up for the popular social network schedule.  Three months after first starting the project, Google now puts their service in the Beta stage.

It will be very interesting to see if  Google Plus can get a larger following than Facebook now that anyone can sign up for it.

Google plus continues to innovate and add things thatfacebook or google plus continue to make the site better.  Facebook then have copied Google and added similar services.

Examples of this are that Facebook has created Facebook groups because Google created circles that was popular with those that had a Google plus account.

Also, Facebook has created a service that allows you to do a video chat with your friends.  This is in no doubt because Google has a great chat system and allows you to chat with your contacts and even allows group chats of up to 10 people.

I enjoy the changes that are happening now that Google has entered the social media marketing arena.  It is making the users experience better and making Facebook be active and provide more content for users.

Once more people join Google Plus I think that will be the new way to connect with people.  Facebook will become the new Myspace and be outdated while some people still use it.  So what do you think Google Plus or Facebook?

Scott Sundblom