Santa Claus Phone CallIs Santa real? This is one of those common questions that we receive from children during this time of the year.

So how do we answer this question to little kids who should have something magical to believe in because that is what being a child is all about?

Do we climb onto the roof and make reindeer hoof patterings and sounds of the sleigh bells hoping all the while that we don’t fall off like so many do in Christmas movies? Or do you call your friends and convince them to put on their best fake Santa Claus voice and call your children?

No more need for those suggestions anymore. There is a new and safer way to help your children keep believing in Santa Claus: the Christmas Dialer.

Remember when you could call your friends as Optimus Prime after Transformers first came out? Well, that is about the same way. I just sent a couple to my friends and it was great! Christmas Dialer gives you multiple fun options of presents you want Santa to bring or food that Santa wants you to leave him. And don’t worry, Santa will leave a message if they don’t answer, or he can send an email or post it on your twitter or facebook instead!

Also, why waste postage sending Santa Claus a letter with your Christmas list on it, when you can just call him? Christmas Dialer works great for all the little boys and girls to call with their wish lists. Of course, don’t expect to talk to Santa personally. It is a busy time of year, of course! But you can leave a message with him.

And that’s not all; Google Maps with NORAD hopes you follow them this Christmas Eve to figure out exactly where Santa Claus is and where he is headed next! check it out.

It looks like Santa is getting very computer and especially social media Savvy on us! It is getting easier to contact him. Who knows maybe he’ll be on Google Places and do some SEO sometime in the near future. Till then, enjoy phone-calling Santa Claus and following him as well this season!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!