Google has recently released their updated starter guide. In order to understand the significance of this you must first understand a little SEO basics.

How does Google decide which pages to rank where for their online searches? Google uses what are known as “crawlers” to crawl every website on the internet. These crawlers use an extremely complicated algorithm to identify which pages are most credible to specific searches. So, simply put, the more you can make you web page comply with what the crawlers are looking for, the higher your search engine rank.

The Google starter guide outlines the best practices that will make it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your site’s content, and the new starter guide contains even more information.

This is also significant because of other recent changes in the SEO industry. The recent change by Google to the Google instant was thought to be a slight hit to SEO. The Mayday update was also thought to be a sign of bad things to come in the SEO world, but the new starter guide released by Google shows that SEO is here to stay and is as important as ever.

This new guide is much better than the previous one and is much more user friendly. Here is a quick little photo of the table of contents to allow you to see what is inside. (Note the Google bot that accompanies you throughout the guide.)

This new starter guide is a great help to all those looking for help with search engine optimization for small businesses. It gives more incite into how to make your page more crawler-friendly, and it shows that the future of SEO is bright.